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Do Mortgage Leads Still Work?

Way back in 1999 Loanbright started working with mortgage companies both large and small simply by supplying interested consumers looking for a loan primarily through a handful of pertinent websites. Over the years we have offered various marketing products that offered a variation or enhancement to what were still essentially leads for a new home loan or a refinance. Fast forward to 2019 and after selling millions of these leads and working with several hundred customers we really started to look at what was truly working and what wasn’t for these buyers of our leads. We knew that our core business came down to not just simply selling these leads but rather was really to help our customers be successful and be superstars to their customers.

In trying to make our customers more successful there were several products and services we offered around live transfers and initiating conference calls from leads. A major issue we found with these programs (as well as working with regular web leads) was the timeliness and availability to respond to inquiries. So what would happen we thought if we took our custom in-house dialing software and combined it with our years of experience in providing web leads and came up with something truly unique to address these issues and a host of many more we knew of? The result of our efforts we now call “The Season Pass” and it is truly revolutionary to those mortgage companies used to the same old tired game of paying money for each lead that may or may not be of dubious quality and you may not even be able to get hold of.

Instead of a mortgage agent buying hundreds of leads for $10, $20 and upwards each we gave our customers access to a customized version of our own in-house software and let them have a chance to make as many calls as they possibly could. We charged not per lead but rather for a seat on a system that provided an unlimited number of leads daily. Letting agents have as many conversations, generate as many warm leads and take as many apps as they could – and do it on their OWN schedule. Rather than reacting to a lead coming in either to a CRM or an inbox an agent start working real-time leads the minute they sit down and log-in. Leads no longer dictate when or how someone works but instead starts making calls only when they are ready to sit down and tackle a new que of people ready to talk.

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Read what our customers are saying about The Season Pass:

I can't say enough good about the program. I have worked the traditional loan lead programs for years. Having to load all calls and especially the one you never reach. The Season Pass allows me to focus on the ones I do reach and establish communication with them and not the ones whom I will never reach. The fact that I can pick and choose the time that I want to call is a huge bonus for me. I can now schedule my day around my workload or time away from the office, without having to worry about did I miss a lead or call.

Says he has been doing this for 30 years and this is the best platform he has ever used. He is looking to start out with a 3 day and he has already been calling some folks he was looking to hire so he can scale up by Sept.

So far so good. I have one loan submitted and made contact with 32 people. Out of the 32, I have 5 that seem to want and move forward.